SpineGuard Strengthens Its DSG® Technology With the Validation of French and European Patents About Bone Quality Measurement

Paris (France) and Boulder (CO, USA), April 20, 2021 – SpineGuard

(FR0011464452 – ALSGD), an innovative company that deploys its DSG® (Dynamic Surgical Guidance) sensing technology to secure and streamline the placement of bone implants announced today the intention to grant received from the French and European Patent Offices regarding patents describing the use of DSG technology to measure bone quality. These positive decisions follow five patents disclosing this application already granted in the USA, China, Japan, Singapore and Mexico.

Stéphane Bette, Deputy CEO and cofounder of SpineGuard declares

“In the context of the worldwide aging population affected by degraded bone quality resulting in numerous clinical issues, the precise knowledge of this quality is data of primary importance. SpineGuard is proud of these new patent validations that contribute to value creation, and continues to execute on its innovation roadmap.”

Maurice Bourlion, coinventor of the DSG technology and SpineGuard’s board director goes on: 

“For the first time, and through the help of the recently cleared DSG Connect platform, surgeons can access this information during the surgery. The potential applications of this innovation are multiple all across orthopedics, such as for examples the prevention of fractures or the securing of surgical outcomes by adapted medications.”

Michael, A. Levine, MD; Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, an eminent expert in bone pathologies, adds:

“SpineGuard’s mission to use advanced technology to improve spine surgery and provide greater safety to patients has led to innovations that not only promise better surgical outcomes but also can lead to an improved understanding of bone quality. I am pleased that their Dynamic Surgical Guidance technology will be developed as an innovative method to evaluate bone strength and material properties intraoperatively. This technology will provide real-time assessment of bone that will allow more precise surgical strategy and identify patients who will benefit from medical interventions to improve bone strength.”

2021 Perspectives

SpineGuard is focusing on the following priorities while investing selectively to remain close to breakeven:
1. Boost commercial activities with the launch of the DSG-Connect visual interface.
2. Accelerate the implementation of the DSG digital technology in the surgical robotic field through the deployment of AI algorithms, new scientific evidence, and additional patents.
3. Intensify the collaboration with ConfiDent ABC for the dental application and co-develop a new generation of products embedding the DSG technology.
4. Affirm the company’s technological shift and sign new strategic partnerships in particular for the use of DSG technology in the robotic field.

Next financial press release: 2021 half-year revenue on July 7, 2021

About SpineGuard®
Founded in 2009 in France and the USA by Pierre Jérôme and Stéphane Bette, SpineGuard is an innovative company deploying its proprietary radiation-free real time sensing technology DSG® (Dynamic Surgical Guidance) to secure and streamline the placement of implants in the skeleton. SpineGuard designs, develops and markets medical devices that have been used in over 80,000 surgical procedures worldwide. Sixteen studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals have demonstrated the multiple benefits DSG® offers to patients, surgeons, surgical staff and hospitals. Building on these solid fundamentals and several strategic partnerships, SpineGuard has expanded its technology platform in a disruptive innovation: the « smart » pedicle screw launched late 2017 and is broadening the scope of applications in dental implantology and surgical robotics. DSG® was co-invented by Maurice Bourlion, Ph.D., Ciaran Bolger, M.D., Ph.D., and Alain Vanquaethem, Biomedical Engineer.

For further information, visit www.spineguard.com

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