Hosted by Dr. Scott Sigman – “Regenerative Medicine”

Regenerative medicine is a complicated space and we get key questions answered for our listeners during this episode.

What is PRP? What are stem cells? Does it work? Does it not work? Is it worth the extra money? Who do I go to? We discuss these key questions with Dr. Steven Sampson, one of the nation’s pioneers in regenerative medicine. He’s a top sports medicine doctor in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills and is internationally recognized in the field of non-surgical orthopedics. Dr. Sampson is the physician founder of the Orthohealing Center and physician to Olympic athletes and Los Angeles Clippers. He is also the founder of TOBI, The Orthobiologic Institute, an annual conference which has grown to 1000+ doctors in 40 countries. Discussion topics include:

-Why is regenerative medicine like The Grateful Dead or black licorice? You either love it or hate it. Dr. Sampson discusses how regenerative medicine is changing the way we are doing things and embracing new approaches to care

-Discussion on patient pay model on regenerative medicine. Pricing depends on region, quality, preparation and physician experience. His suggestion is to do your research and reviews on physicians in your area for individuals considering regenerative medicine

-Regenerative medicine crosses multiple specialties and the TOBI conference includes attendees such as plastic surgeons, neurologists, orthopedic surgeons and veterinarians who share best practices to advance the field. TOBI 2021 is slated October 7-9, 2021 as an interactive virtual experience. Check out the conference here

-Wild West claims about what regenerative medicine can do vs. scientific evidence. Dr. Sampson is passionate about the potential of cell based therapies and discusses along with it comes opportunists or rogue physicians taking care of vulnerable patients

-Various types of regenerative medicine with PRP and bone marrow concentrate. His theory is bone marrow is loaded with anti-inflammatory proteins and bone marrow concentrate can neutralize the inflammation. He’s continuing on publishing the outcomes

Find out more about Dr. Steven Sampson here.

Listen to the 36 minutes podcast here.

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