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      I am nearing my surgery date this month, It is going to be a Cervical Hybrid multiple levels including removing old hardware. I did have an ACDF in 2020 covering C3,4 and 5. The ACDF was very good until I messed it up by falling and landing on my back.
      Where my concerns are would be
      1. I am a mechanic and spend a lot of time under dash boards on cars. I am very tall and have to use part of shoulders and the back of my head to support my weight during these jobs.
      2. High voltage on electric and hybrid cars is 600 to 800 volts.
      I would deeply appreciate any opinions on risks with art. disk shifting if I use my neck/head to support my weight and or ricks of shock thru art. discs or plates and screws used during the Hybrid surgery.
      I am not changing the operation, If needed I will change careers.
      Thank you in advance for any thoughts you may have.

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